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Russ Martino Conducting the Young Sounds of Arizona band (ages 14-18)

at the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona

Click screen above to see video

"Composition-Dr. Rosario-HS-College"11:40



Above and Below:

Solo piano, Numiya Lounge, Harrah's Imperial Palace H&C, LV, NV.



Samples Russ Martino for Hire...

"You Are So Beautiful" Vocal-Trio-1:17
            Credits-Music, Lyrics-Billy Preston, Dennis Wilson, Pubs.-Universal MPG, Sony/ATV, MP, LLC, Warner-Chappel M, Inc.

"Mama" 3:01

             Credits: Comp. C.A.Bixio

"Fer' Cryin' Out Loud" Piano Jazz Quintet  1:00

"The Waddle" Piano Jazz Quintet  2:15

"Conception" (piano)  ( 1341K )   1:50

"Jazz Waltz" (piano)  ( 1731K ) 1:47

"Jumpin' At The Woodside"  0:54 

           Credits: Comp.-Count Basie-Pub.-Warner Bros.

"Ease on Down The Road"  4:00 

           Credits: Comp. Charlie Smalls-Pub.-MiJac Music-Warner-Tamerlane

"Cheri Red"  Vocal Band  1:15

"El Dorado Sam" Vocal Band  1:44
"Macarone Agli 'e Olio" Vocal Band  1:00

"Luckenbock TX." Vocal-Trio-3:24
             Credits-Music, Lyrics-Bobby Emmons, Chips Moman, Waylon Jennings. Pub. Universal MPG



Mariachi Trio for Hire...

"Cascavell" (Mariachi)  0:45

"Feria De Las Flores" (Mariachi)  1:36



Big Band Jazz Compositions for Schools/Colleges...

Suite for Jazz Orchestra 12:41  HS-College

"Chico's Cha-Cha" Big Band Arrangement  2:30  JHS-HS

"Chop City (Stix)" Big Band Jazz Arrangement  2:60  JHS-HS

"Jo's Jingle" Big Band  2:30  HS-College

"Lucky" Big Band  3:35  HS-College

"Monkey Shines"  2:55  JHS-HS

"Speak E-Z" Light Rock  3:05  JHS-HS

"The Star Spangled Banner"  2:15  Light Rock/Vocal, Small Band Version

         (actual arr. is for Big Band-Chorus SATB)  HS-College

"Shout Out Loud" (7 pc. Jz. Band)  2:31  HS-College

"Mighty Fine Bloos" (7 pc. Jz. Band)  2:38  HS-College

"OOO-WEE" (7 pc. Jz. Band)  4:23  HS-College

"Just Plain Bloos" (7-pc Jz. Band)  2:38  HS-College

"Janet" (7-pc Jz Band)  2:18 HS-College


Choral SATB...HS-College Level

Prelude_4 Alleluia (Choral)  2:00

Prelude_6 Slow (Choral)  2:00

Prelude_7 Variation 1 Slow (Choral)  0:52

Prelude_7 Variation 2 Fast (Choral)  0:45

Prelude_7 Variation 3 Fast (Choral)  1:12



Vega$ Pop Orchestra Series...HS-College Level

"Sundi" Studio Orchestra Composition  3:00

"Fat Mouse" Studio Orchestra Composition  5:30



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